Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weather and my dinner.

The weather today was really hot, which surprised me a little since it was getting pretty cold around here.  There's supposedly going to be a really chilly winter this year, so the farmer's have been harvesting, which consequently has been hell on my allergies (runny noses ahoy!).  I hope it cools down again, since autumn is my favorite time of year.

For dinner, well... I haven't eaten dinner yet.  It will most likely be Taco Bell or maybe McDonald's.  I think McDonald's will be a good choice; a couple McChickens and some fries and I'm good to go.  Either that or a McDank; which is composed of a McChicken inside a McDouble.  For lunch, I had some sort of breaded beef with cheese and tomato sauce on top.  It was a pretty good italian style dish.  I also drank a blue gatorade.

Thursday is my wife's birthday; I am getting her the second Professor Layton game and taking her out to Olive Garden when we have an open evening.  Thanks for all the get well wishes.

It also looks like the next PS3 game I will get is MGS4, which is good news for me at its $20 price point. 

Peace and luck be with you.