Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Blog, Hello World

Thus begins my journey into the eternal spiraling maze containing countless joys, horrors, and anything in between known as my mind.  Just starting out, one would think have little to know idea what to talk about; that is utterly true.  However, when I decide on a topic, the stores of already well processed information will begin to flow.  I have devoted deep thought to many things, but haven't recorded them besides in the ever lengthening file cabinet of my brain.

Thusly, until someone can give me a topic to spew words at or until I sit down and make a list of all the things I wish to talk about, my posts will sum up the events of the day and whatnot.

I worked 6 pm to roughly 12:15 pm today at my work; which is a grill located within one of the freshman and sophomore dorms of my university.  It is made to order type of deal with run of the mill items that would be listed on a common snacking place at a larger university.  Equipment is bot not limited to a: pizza warmer/ display cabinet, nacho warmer, liquid cheese dispenser, touch screen cashier machine, soda fountain, large flat-top grill, 2 deep fryers (4 baskets total), small deli cabinet (like a much smaller version of what you see when you step in a sub shop), reach-in-freezer, reach-in-cooler, a couple sinks, and a storage cabinet for pizza making necessities with a cutting board on top.  There are two reach in coolers in front of the main grill section for drinks and refrigerated items.  In the back are a walk-in-cooler, a walk-in-freezer, storage, and a dish washing machine normally seen in the back of smaller restaurants (push down to close washing radius and initialize cleaning).

Mostly college kids are employed there; my boss (lets call him Bill), however, is a middle aged man who is very successful in the restaurant business and teaches food studies at a local junior college.  The is a civil service (aka union) worker (aka Mandy) whom is boss in absentia of my regular boss.  I am dearly fond of Bill, looking up to him like a father.  On the other hand, I do not like Mandy, and I often waver between being uncomfortable with her presence to absolutely detesting her.  Usually there are 5-8 workers a night.  The grill opens for students at 6:00 pm, but open at 4:30 pm for prep work.  The grill is also open for lunch, but does not pertain to me since I don't work during that time.  The only tender allowed is meal plan money on university cards.

The food emporium on campus is located in a large building which contains classrooms, many offices for the university, a theater for plays, and a large room for general speeches, presentations, etc.  I do not work there currently, but have worked there in the past, about 2 semesters ago (?).  This is where most students are directed to eat.  It is a much larger version of wear I work, and also includes two cashier stations, a salad bar, a daily chef's choice menu, and a varying lunch special booth named "Showtime".  I say directed because it is seen as having healthier choices in contrast to our fast, greasy style of cooking at my work, which of course most students flee from.  The main emporium is a ghost town during the times both places are open judging from what I have seen.

As much as I wish to post the events of my day, I can hear the sandman whispering ever-so-gently into my ear, so I must bid this venture ado for the night.

Fare thee well.