Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weather and my dinner.

The weather today was really hot, which surprised me a little since it was getting pretty cold around here.  There's supposedly going to be a really chilly winter this year, so the farmer's have been harvesting, which consequently has been hell on my allergies (runny noses ahoy!).  I hope it cools down again, since autumn is my favorite time of year.

For dinner, well... I haven't eaten dinner yet.  It will most likely be Taco Bell or maybe McDonald's.  I think McDonald's will be a good choice; a couple McChickens and some fries and I'm good to go.  Either that or a McDank; which is composed of a McChicken inside a McDouble.  For lunch, I had some sort of breaded beef with cheese and tomato sauce on top.  It was a pretty good italian style dish.  I also drank a blue gatorade.

Thursday is my wife's birthday; I am getting her the second Professor Layton game and taking her out to Olive Garden when we have an open evening.  Thanks for all the get well wishes.

It also looks like the next PS3 game I will get is MGS4, which is good news for me at its $20 price point. 

Peace and luck be with you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Super Busy

Hello all, I have been pretty busy with college classes and my birthday, but expect an update tonight.  On what?  How about you give me some ideas.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

21st Birthday

Greetings.  Today, I went to political psychology class and discussed Plato; rather, I listened to others talk about it.  The professor talked about each subject in the book like I would, so I think I am starting to understand Plato.  A bunch of kids offered different ideas about Plato's ideals and commentary.  Each time someone new or the professor said something, my mind was set ablaze with my views on the subject and connections I made.  There were literally pages and pages of arguments being formed in my mind.  However, I was one not to speak up.  I did however nod vigorously to one question the professor asked, which he noticed, pointed it out to the class, told me that he would get to my opinion in a second, and then promptly forgot me in his teachings.  That's okay with me. I am a very intelligent person and am not afraid to voice my ideas for fear of ridicule or rejection; I prefer to just sit back, open my ears, and let the information flow into me.  Another reason why I don't speak up much is my high school experience; I was one of the smart kids that always added something to the conversation the teacher was having.  I did not realize until later my monopolizing of the class discussion led to others being discouraged to talk, sometimes because they where intimidated by the thoughts I put forth or by myself.  Therefore, when I am in a classroom, I prefer to gather information.  If someone would call on me to answer a question with the raising of my hand, I most surely would; and a well detailed discussion would spew from my lips.  Another advantage to listening and gathering data is my personal belief that one must learn before trying to teach, or rather a person who wants to speak on a subject should gather a wealth of information beforehand.  Plato didn't become a great philosopher merely by debating, but rather by listening as well, refining his own opinions and reasoning in his mind until it became a well polished and fleshed out ideal.  Therefore, when he did choose to speak, those listening would not doubt his interjections, but rather accept them in their detailed glory.

The question my professor asked me was: does anyone really get angry all the time?  I took this into my mind, which translated that into: does anyone get angry a lot of the time.  These two statements are almost identical to me, for it is impossible in human nature to be hold ever present angst, but to get angry at many things you see daily, and sometimes everything you see in a period of time, yes indeed.  To this I thoroughly agreed, nodding my head.  I work in a pseudo fast food environment, as you know already if you read my first post.  Therefore, there will always be picky people or things that will stick in your side like a thorn simply because you are trying to work so fast that anything that happens to you is amplified tenfold.  To top it all off, I am from a small torn where people are always courteous to each other; more than seventy percent of the students that I serve come from the same huge city, and therefore come off as gruff, but in all reality is just how they act at home to everyone.  Therefore, the stress of the nature of the job, combined with these occasions, as well as I am the one besides my boss who has to keep everything going smooth (think of me as a lieutenant boss) will keep me a very agitated mode all during my work.

I also see these kids a lot during regular times around campus, and some do very questionable things or act very queer to me.  This upsets me as well.  My wife is witness to this very much, and arguments between us often erupt about this.

There is a good part to this rage; it has given me bounds of patience when interacting with people.  Also, just because I am mad a lot doesn't mean I will act out; this I will never, ever do.  It takes a minuscule man to get mad, but a titan to gain mastery over ones anger.  I am not quite at that level, since I still expel the anger from my mouth, but at least I have the control not to let it gain total control me, evident in my non-action.  I can also be a very carefree person; I see laughter in everything and can often be seen goofing off.  I am either one of two extremes.

This is good to me, because I believe the perfect person to be able to act any way during any time, to do whatever is best applicable in any given situation.  In other terms, a person needs to be experienced with every single emotion to the highest degree possible; this creates familiarity with ones self, and thus mastery of one's own mind, which creates a well rounded individual capable of reacting properly to anything that comes their way.  The greatest leaders should follow this theme, in my opinion.

I grow tired of this conversation though, and that is good for I have nothing really left to add to it.  Today marks my 21st birthday.  I am having a nice dinner with parents when I wake up.  I am also considering to skip my one class that day, which is a lecture class with a professor I have taken many classes with already, so I know the keys to success there.  My wife is sick as well, so I probably will not be attending class.  The day after, a bunch of my friends are coming over to a "big drunken bash" (my wife's terminology), as per my wife's request.  It may be a while before I post again... or perhaps you may see a drunken post by me.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Farewell and good luck in your pursuits.

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