Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Guest

Today was pretty good; both of my classes went very well.  Both of them were lecture type classes, which I am a big supporter of.  My wife is a big believer in participating in the classroom, aka class discussions and so forth. From my perspective, I am going to college paying tens of thousands (that may even turn into over a hundred thousand dollars) worth of loans, so I believe that I pay the school for the professor's expertise in their chosen field.  Thusly, discussing a topic with a bunch of students that just experienced getting their feet wet in a subject would be a waste of time and resources.  The professor has dedicated their life to what they are teaching; I want their well refined and vast knowledge, not quickly thrown together arguments quickly created in the minds of procrastinating college students.  I like to believe I pay for the incredible amount of knowledge that was kindly gathered and processed by a professional and dedicated individual.  That's just my opinion.

On Monday, my wife and I helped one of my best college friends (let's call him Spoon) move into our apartment.  His room is kind of small, but it was better than his last living grounds.  His tale starts during the previous Spring semester.  Spoon was attending a party on college apartment housing that got invaded by a couple of Resident Assistants (RA's).  Unfortunately, Spoon was (and still is) 20 and had been drinking.  He promptly got written up for a drinking violation.  Our state school implements a three strikes and you're out policy about drinking.  The first two times, all you have to do is write a simple paper about the evils of consuming alcohol.  This, to my knowledge, was Spoon's first offense; well, being caught red-handed anyways.  Our college, being a state school, has the disadvantage of having to go through certain bureaucratic channels to process anything; long story short, Spoon got screwed in red tape, which led to him being kicked out of housing at the end of the semester.

This is where it picks up.  Spoon decided that he would rather try to stay in town and make it on his own willpower instead of going back to his divorced parents and face certain humiliation.  He ended up living in random people's housing, like a hermit moving from one place to another.  I finally got wind of this at the end of July when me and my wife were looking for a new apartment (first floor and allowed dogs hopefully).  We managed to find our present 2 bedroom apartment and I tried numerous times getting a hold of him through his cell phone (broken) and facebook page.  When college started back up this semester, he appeared back on campus and I convinced him (with my wife's blessing, of course) (after hearing he was living in a marijuana den with 6 other people) to stay with us.  We gave the futon in our spare (soon to be Spoon's) room to my old high school best friend at another college and my wife found a daybed, trundle, and mattress deal on Craigslist for $120; she had her eye on one for a while, but they are about $400 retail for complete sets.  I picked up Spoon and his stuff, we put the daybed together, and know he is living with us.

He still believes he made the right decision in staying locally.  It has made him more independent and knowledgeable about self survival.  Spoon still retains his hermit tendencies, and he had me drive him back to campus and is hanging out with numerous people (he's a friend to everyone) and staying the night with some pals, the reason being that Spoon had to work at 6:00 am at the McDonald's close to college.

I just hope he stays around our apartment more; I know that it is pretty far away from campus, but he isn't taking classes this semester.  My wife is working on getting him to work with her at a mental and developmental center (he wants to work in the medical field, so he could use the morbid experience).  I want to tell him that both me and my wife would be more comfortable if he stayed with us more, because I could probably see him only staying at our place one or two nights a week; I just need to figure out how to tell him.  I've decided for the moment to wait a week, maybe two, for him to see all his friends and socialize, etc., then tell him how I feel.  I think that if he's staying in my place, he should appreciate it enough to stay here more.  Now I know he loves having his own room and I kind of sound like a jerk at the moment since I cannot really convey any better how I feel to you.  A part of it could be the fact that me and him are really awesome friends, practically brothers in body build as well as thought processes and mannerisms.  I just want to take care of him since he lives with me and my wife now.


The next blog entry will be much more intellectual, I hope; I have political philosophy class tomorrow.  I should most definitely be in the mood for discussions of government or anything else Socrates argued about in Plato's Republic.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors!


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  2. Son, I am NOT disappoint! Checking in to show some love ;)